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Guide to Military Planes

Military planes are used to conduct warfare and to provide support for the troops on the ground. There are also planes used by the military for transporting troops and for carrying supplies. The military uses several different types of planes depending on the purpose for their use.

Bombers are very large aircraft that are hard to maneuver and are much heavier. They have the capability of carrying many bombs, but because of their size and difficulty to maneuver, they are only used to drop bombs on specific targets. They cannot be used when the enemy is also in the air and is using fighter jets. Within this category of military planes, there are two types of bombers. Strategic bombers are used for long-range missions and have detailed flight plans for dropping bombs on specific places. Tactical bombers are smaller planes that only fly short distances from the base or the ship to provide air-support for those fighting on the ground.

Fighter jets are much smaller than the bombers and are much easier to maneuver. These planes are very fast. They can destroy targets on the ground and get away quickly. They are used in air combat against enemy fighter planes and in both offensive and defensive operations. These planes not only carry bombs, but they can carry a variety of weapons, such as machine guns and guided missiles, to name just two. Some of these planes are equipped with the ability to carry bombs behind enemy lines and take out targets that make it easier for the ground troops to make progress.

Reconnaissance planes are used to gather information using photography and different types of scanner and sensors. Some of these planes can detect the presence of submarines. Although these are the fastest planes used by the military, with the advances in technology, they are becoming outdated because of the use of satellite systems.

The military also uses helicopters for transporting troops and for providing air support to troops fighting on the ground. Their use is especially important in search and rescue missions. These aircraft are able to land and take off vertically, which gives them advantages over other types of military planes when they have to land in small areas.

Transport aircraft are quite large and carry large numbers of troops as well as supplies. There are no seats in these planes as the passengers are strapped in. Most of the cargo stays on pallets and often includes vehicles and tanks.

There are experimental planes used by the military with many instruments designed to test aerodynamics and other concepts in an attempt to improve performance.